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Tarot Cards That Can Indicate Cheating

Tarot Cards That Can Indicate Cheating

Love readings are the most common types of tarot readings, just ask any professional tarot reader. It's not surprising, then, that the masses want to know which cards indicate if their partner is being unfaithful. In this post, I break down the tarot cards that are most likely to call out whether your boo is a keeper or a creeper.

Now, you might be wondering how a deck of cards could possibly know whether or not your partner is cheating, but there’s definitely a certain mystère about tarot that can’t be explained or denied. One thing I've discovered as a professional tarot reader who's conducted hundreds of readings is that the cards never lie. In fact, the cards will tell you exactly what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Let’s dive in and get the skinny on the tarot cards that are most likely to reveal an unfaithful partner.


The Magician reversed: In the reverse, The Magician indicates trickster energy that often goes hand in hand with malicious intent. When this card comes out in a love reading to represent the other person, it’s a huge red flag that this person may come off as a charmer but is actually acting out of selfish intent.

The High Priestess reversed: When this card comes out reversed, it’s an indication that there’s a deep, dark secret that needs to be revealed, and if there’s already suspicion of infidelity or dishonesty, then this card’s appearance is rarely ever good news.  

The Lovers reversed: It doesn’t take a tarot expert (or a genius) to decipher that this card in reverse is no bueno. In a love reading, this card’s appearance in reverse indicates disharmony, lack of reciprocity, and dishonesty, so it’s pretty easy to call a spade a spade on this one.

Justice reversed: Said simply, when this card is reversed, it means something isn’t turning out in your favor. Typically, this energy will show up when the querent asks about the potential of the relationship. Justice in reverse also indicates someone is not acting with integrity, which often translates to dishonesty, secrets, and the like. 

The Devil: This card has less to do with the Devil in a religious context and everything to do with the devil within us all that keeps us enslaved to bad habits, addictions, vices, and temptations. Therefore, this card popping out in a love reading is a good indication that the relationship may be based more on lust than love… or that temptation is abound. 

The Tower: Regardless if this card is upright or reversed, it still indicates relatively the same thing: sudden and abrupt change that rocks your world. This could be the news of cheating being revealed to you or the actual crumbling of the relationship and what comes with that. Either way, this occurrence is divinely orchestrated and necessary, so try to see this as happening for you not to you. 

The Moon: Upright, The Moon card represents illusions or being disillusioned; and in the reverse, it indicates you coming out of this period of being disillusioned and seeing things for what they really are. Therefore, this card can take on different meanings depending on the context, but in general, this card indicates something being hidden from you.


Ace of Cups reversed: While the upright meaning of this card means new love entering your life, the reverse indicates a relationship turned on its head or being blocked in some way. This card also calls out when a person is filling up someone else’s cup and being left high and dry.

3 of Swords: This is THE card to represent heartbreak, sorrow, and grief, so in a love reading it’s a no brainer that something’s just not working out. Typically, this card comes out when there has been a breakup or a breakup is approaching, but the positive with getting this card is that there’s massive healing to be had after the shock subsides. 

3 of Cups reversed: Just as the saying goes, “Three’s a crowd!” Typically, this card indicates too much partying and drinking, which can go hand-in-hand with being out of control and/or making bad decisions in life. However, the third person indicated on the Three of Cups card can also indicate that there may be a third party interfering with the relationship.  

7 of Swords: Much like The Magician in reverse, the 7 of Swords often is a warning that someone is being sneaky and trying to steal something from you. In a general reading, the advice is to watch your wallet or purse, but in a love reading, this energy warns you of protecting your heart from malicious or careless intent by others.

8 or 9 of Swords: If either of these cards make an appearance in a love reading, it indicates that someone has been plagued by their thoughts and is being kept up at night. Therefore, there’s an underlying feeling that someone is struggling with the consequences of their actions, which could very well be infidelity.

10 of Swords: Said very simply, this card indicates betrayal or, more specifically, being stabbed in the back… repeatedly. Therefore, in a love reading, it’s pretty obvious that some sort of betrayal or dishonesty is happening.

Any court card reversed: The court cards are the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings in a tarot deck. Depending on what the person’s zodiac sign is, any of the court cards in reverse can indicate conflicting energies. The zodiac signs associated with the suit of wands are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; the suit of pentacles are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; the suit of swords are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; and the suit of cups are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. So, if any of the court cards that correspond to your partner’s zodiac sign pop out in reverse in your love reading, then it’s probably a good idea to do more exploring, than ignoring, in your relationship.


I want to note that the above list of cards is by no means exhaustive or set in stone. Every reader has their own interpretation of the cards as well as their own preferences when relaying delicate information. I, personally, am truthful but compassionate, so when any of the cards above come out in a love reading, I try my best to first show compassion and to deliver the information in a hopeful manner rather than fear-mongering.

If you do happen to get cards that reveal information that goes against what you were hoping for, then take a step back to integrate the messages and see that the information is trying to teach you something rather than punish you. It’s important NOT to give your power away to the cards and to find the silver lining in the messages. After all, it's better to know the truth than live a lie.

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