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At Lezada, we put a strong emphasis on simplicity, quality and usefulness of fashion products over other factors. Our fashion items never get outdated. They are not short-lived as normal fashion clothes.

Leah Arnold-Smeets

Get to know the face behind the brand.


Orange County, CA




Leah founded Woo Woo Realm in January of 2020, right before the world would change forever. The timing couldn't have been more divinely orchestrated, because as the world was entering its Dark Night of the Soul, so was Leah. What she would learn from this momentous time would shift the trajectory of her entire life. After leaving the tech company she helped grow, Leah decided to dedicate her life's work to offering her gift of mediumship and tarot to those in need of guidance in their lives. Today, Woo Woo Realm has grown into a full-fledged spiritual business offering services to clients around the globe.

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