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Meet Your Guide


Orange County, CA




Hi, I’m Leah, a former tech executive turned tarot reader. Nice to meet you.

I left my former life in the corporate world to pursue a career in tarot and spirituality because, to put it simply, my life depended on it.

I was a traumatized soul living in survival mode 24/7 without even knowing it. I lived life from a place of fear, guilt, and insecurities for far too long, until one day my mind, body, and soul said “no more.”


I had already been on a spiritual journey to better understand and protect my daughter who had exhibited extra-sensory “abilities” at a very young age. In my exploration, I discovered that the teachings I was being exposed to were exactly what I needed to wake up and realize that I’d been living the life society had dreamed up for me, not the one I wanted for myself.

I turned to tarot because it resonated deeply with me when I was going through a very transitionary and pivotal time in my life. The cards spoke to me as if they knew me, understood me… felt me. I got sucked in and never looked back.


Somewhere in this whirlwind, I birthed Woo Woo Realm. My intention was to create an Instagram account where I could share my healing journey with whomever felt like being a witness – instead, it ended up blossoming into a full-fledge tarot business that is of service to beautiful souls across the globe.

Thank you for being here and allowing me to continue doing the work my soul came here to do.

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