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September 2023 Star Gazings

September 2023 Star Gazings


ūüĒ• Fire Signs

Aries: The Wheel of Fortune
The universe whispers of cycles and destiny, karma and fate this month. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that change is on the horizon, with the Full Moon in your sign amplifying this energy. This is a reminder that life is always in flux so appreciate the blessings of the highs and lessons of the lows. Whether you're currently on an upswing or facing challenges, remember that you have the power to influence outcomes with your drive and initiative. This is a moment to trust in the twists of fate, but also to recognize the power of your choices in steering the wheel's direction. Embrace change, take bold steps, and know that every rotation of the wheel brings lessons and opportunities. Aries, your adventurous spirit is perfectly suited for these pivotal moments of destiny. Your fate is literally in your hands.

Leo: The Sun
September radiates with your essence, especially with Venus going direct in your sign this month. The Sun card beams positivity, success, and vitality in your life so make the most of it. Your energy is contagious, Leo! This is a month where your inner light will not just guide you, but it will also inspire others. This is your moment to bask in the recognition, to revel in joy, and to be unabashedly you. Embrace this period of clarity and personal power this month so that you can illuminate the way for others to come. Remember, just like the Sun, you're meant to shine bright, radiate love, and be the beacon of positivity in the world. Your natural vitality and confidence will guide you towards success and fulfillment if you're willing to step into the spotlight and do what you do best.

Sagittarius: Page of Wands
Your adventurous spirit meets the youthful curiosity of the Page of Wands this month. Exploration, both inward and outward, is highlighted for you, so don't be afraid to take a leap into the unknown -- this is an adventure, after all. Dive deep into new passions or rediscover forgotten ones. Embrace this renewed sense of passion, be it for a project, a journey, or a newfound truth. Your innate optimism and thirst for knowledge will serve you well on this adventure. Let the Page's youthful energy guide you towards experiences that invigorate your soul and expand your horizons.The Universe urges you to follow your instincts this month to awaken untapped creativity and ignite the path ahead.


ūüĆć Earth Signs

Taurus: The Empress
As Jupiter retrogrades in your sign, The Empress card envelops you in abundance, flow, and nurturing energy. Don't be afraid to loosen up and allow yourself to be *held* this month. It's a time to tap into your feminine energy and revel in the sensory delights around you. This is a period to lean into your sensuality, your love for beauty, and your knack for manifesting tangible results. Whether you're nurturing a relationship, a project, or yourself, trust that your steady and loving nature will lead to blossoming outcomes. Celebrate the richness of life, and remember to indulge in the pleasures that surround you. As the Empress thrives in abundance and love, so do you, Taurus, in your unique, grounded, and beautiful way. Manifestation is in the air, so plant your intentions and watch them bloom.

Virgo: Eight of Pentacles
With the New Moon and Mercury direct in your sign, Virgo, the Eight of Pentacles spotlights your dedication and attention to detail (aka OCD ūüėā). Honing skills and refining crafts are emphasized this month, but be careful not to be too "head in the sand" about things. As¬†you hone your skills, you're not just crafting external projects but also sculpting your inner character for resilience, diligence, and expansion. Your pursuit of excellence is a testament to your commitment, discipline, and the deep love you have for the work you do.¬†Invest in your growth and be patient with your progress because your meticulous efforts will soon yield results. Embrace the journey of mastering your craft, for it's just as valuable if not more as the destination.

Capricorn: Four of Cups
It's easy to get so focused on your goals that you forget to acknowledge the blessings before you. The Four of Cups nudges you to take a pause and see life through the lens of gratitude and potential, rather than lack and disappointment. As you navigate the terrain of achievements and structures, remember to check in with your heart and soul. While your ambitions propel you forward, this might be a time to pause, reassess, and ask yourself what truly brings contentment and meaning to your journey. Are there offers or opportunities you might be overlooking? Ground yourself, find gratitude in the present, and be open to the unexpected. Sometimes, the most enriching experiences arise when we allow ourselves to venture outside our carefully laid plans. Reevaluate your surroundings, reconnect with your inner self, and express gratitude for what is. This month, balance your ambitions with moments of reflection and contentment.


ūüƨԳŹ Air Signs

Gemini: Ace of Swords
Clarity cuts through the bullsh*t this September, Gemini, and thankfully so. The Ace of Swords symbolizes a breakthrough in thoughts and communication -- but, more importantly, in TRUTH! Don't be surprised if you have a deep need to speak your truth or communicate a vital message. New ideas flourish in September so don't get too in your head about what to do with them and just go with the flow. Trust that your chaotic, dual nature will allow you to adeptly navigate the challenges and triumphs these new ideas bring. Harness your mental prowess, dear Gemini. Embrace the moments of clarity that pop up this month and please, please, please trust your insights. Remember, your strength lies in your ability to communicate and connect disparate ideas. This is a time to be decisive, to cut through confusion, and to stand firm in your intellectual convictions. Embrace this newfound clarity and let it guide your next steps.

Libra: Queen of Swords
As your season begins mid-month, the Queen of Swords calls on you to have clear thinking, balanced judgment, and a touch of aloofness as you navigate the blessings and lessons of September. You may have felt tested as of late, but it's not because you're being punished in any way -- quite the contrary, actually. Things needed to be shaken up and broken down in order for you to see how to rebuilt it even stronger. Be discerning this month as you navigate situations with objectivity and intellectual precision. Just because you're being more direct and truthful with your actions, doesn't mean you can't still lead from the heart. Your words carry weight this month; use them with grace.

Aquarius: Five of Swords
Conflicts may arise this month, Aquarius, but the Five of Swords reminds you to choose your battles wisely. While you often champion causes, not every "battle" requires your intervention or is worth your energy. You may feel like winning the argument or proving your point is the victory, but at what cost? Weigh the consequences of being right against the value of relationships and harmony. Reflect on intentions and outcomes before making decisions or taking action. This month is about reservation and preservation in all regards. Remember, sometimes the most potent victories are those where everyone feels heard and valued. 


ūüĆä Water Signs

Cancer: Six of Cups
Nostalgia beckons as the card of nostalgia and "the good ole days" graces your month. Memories of yesteryears, reconnections, or revisiting past places may occur -- déjà vu, anyone? While it's comforting to reminisce on the past, ensure you're also anchored in the present. A need for you to heal past wounds, to forgive, and perhaps to rekindle or let go of certain connections may arise this month; take it one "bite" at a time. Cherish the past for what it served, but also embrace the gifts and possibilities of today. Honor your emotional depth, cherish your memories, and consider their impact on your present. While it's essential to honor the past, ensure that you're also living in the moment and making way for new memories. Sometimes, looking back can provide the clarity needed to move forward with renewed understanding and appreciation. Remember, your emotional wisdom is both a gift and a guide. 

Scorpio: The Tower (Reversed)
Get ready, Scorpio, because change is here! It seems you've anticipated or even started adapting to recent upheavals, shifts, and revelations -- kudos to you! Use this month to rebuild and integrate the lessons from lessons of the past. The Tower Reversed prompts you to rebuild and reflect -- not fear and reject -- taking lessons from past disruptions and using them as foundations for future growth. It's essential to face any lingering fears or apprehensions about change and embrace your innate ability for transformation. As you navigate this period of recovery, remember that your strength lies in your depth, resilience, and the power to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the past. Embrace healing and allow yourself the grace to process, heal, and grow. Remember, in reconstruction lies the opportunity for greater resilience and innovation.

Pisces: Three of Cups
Pisces, September calls for celebration and communal connections -- this is a month for "belonging." The Three of Cups invites you to immerse yourself in shared emotional experiences, celebrating the joys and bonds that connect us all. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the love and support of your community, and in turn, be a beacon of empathy and understanding for others. Embrace the moments of collective joy, and let them remind you of the beauty of unity and shared emotional journeys. Remember, it takes a village! This is a time for gratitude, love, and communal celebration, Pisces, so dive deep into these shared waters of joy.


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