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A free download to help you learn the meanings of the major arcana in a tarot deck.

Looking to explore the mystical art of tarot but not sure where to start? Then here’s your sign to get Woo Woo Realm’s comprehensive Intro to Tarot Guide & Study!

Perfect for beginners, this 76-page guide will take you on a journey through the 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck and introduce you to a unique approach to learning the meaning of the cards as well as teach you how to intuitively conduct your own readings.

Whether you're curious about tarot for personal growth or looking to hone your skills as a reader, this guide is the perfect tool to get you started. With easy-to-understand explanations and exercises designed to help you connect with your intuition, you'll ease into your tarot practice at your own pace.

Download your copy today and unlock the secrets of the tarot to transform you life!

What You Get:

  1. Module 1: Where to Start - What you need to know, and tarot myths, and tarot card structure diagram.
  2. Module 2: Learning the Majors - Notes on the majors, archetypes of each major, in-depth analysis of each major arcana card, major arcana cheat sheet, and 1-card questions to ask the cards.
  3. Module 3: Learning the Minors - Notes on the minors, suits cheat sheet, in-depth analysis of each of the minor arcana cards by numerical value, and minor arcana cheat sheet.
  4. Module 4: Reading the Cards - Tips for crafting effective questions for readings, an exercise to explore the cards intimately, an exercise/flow chart to help you compile the story of the cards in a reading, 2- and 3-card spreads for beginners.
  5. Module 5: The Layers of Tarot - Numerology of tarot, color correspondences, and reading reversals.
  6. Module 6: Bonus Material - Blank notes page for your usage, resources and links to buy my favorite tarot decks for beginners, a special discount for a reading with me, free downloads, and free tarot spreads.


    After you purchase the workbook, you will receive and email with the download link. If you have any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via or on Instagram @woowoorealm.

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      DISCLAIMER: Resell of this journal is strictly prohibited and is considered theft of intellectual property. Woo Woo Realm LLC has full copyright. 


      • 76 pages
      • 8.5" x 11"
      • Digital download
      • Printable PDF
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