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November 2023 Star Gazings

November 2023 Star Gazings


ūüĒ• Fire Signs

Aries: The Chariot + King of Pentacles
It's go time, Aries! There's a strong sense of channeled and focused action surrounding something relating to career or finances. Now's not the time to allow fear to hinder your decision to take action, but also be cautious of being too hasty or careless in your endeavors. If the Chariot represents the need to take aligned action forward, then the King of Pentacles as a clarifier asks you to allow wisdom and poise to be the navigating force on this journey. You're being asked to stay the course for now and not deviate or get distracted by fear, doubt, temptation, or the like. You've had plenty of time to mull things over so now's the time to put that plan into action. Remember, you can always pull over and recalibrate to ensure that you're on the right path still.

Leo: The Hermit + Queen of Cups
I know you want to show up and show out, Leo, but sometimes life calls for you to turn off and tune in. These two cards represent a beautiful and harmonious relationship between your Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies within. The Hermit is the masculine needing a break from living too externally and needing to be held in the healing waters of the Queen of Cups. This is permission for you to dip into your feels this month and allow yourself to navigate some of those shadow aspects that cause you to seek validation externally. Consider what themes have been showing up in your life that are begging to be explored. Where in life have you been too performative vs. authentic? Where have you been forcing not flowing? In what aspects of life is quantity > quality? This month, less is more. Turn the focus from extroversion to introversion. Fill your cup up in new ways that don't necessitate the validation from anything or anyone external. 

Sagittarius: The Empress + Eight of Wands
I don't know why but this combination of energies makes me feel like you are or need to go on a healing retreat, specifically one that involves nature, feminine aspects, and/or movement of some kind. I also heard, "It's time," so you may also have been feeling the need to reconnect to your body and energy for quite a while. Since your season is up next and the holidays and new year are upon us, this might be the perfect time to carve out space for YOU. Consider stepping outside of the box with this retreat to experience a new skill, modality, or place. If it's not possible for you to go on an actual retreat, then consider a reiki session to move out stagnant energy, sign up for an evening sound bowl session, or dip your toe in the woo woo and attend a new/full moon ceremony. Whatever you choose to do, give yourself permission to explore, nurture yourself, move some energy out, and clear out the gunk that's clouding your mind. Hit the reset button this month... you deserve it. 


ūüĆć Earth Signs

Taurus: Six of Wands (rx) + Seven of Pentacles (rx)
There's a sense of missed recognition and delayed rewards with these two energies -- and to be honest, Taurus, I almost want to give you a big hug and tell you everything's going to be alright, but for some reason that's not the energy you need to be surrounded by this time around. You might feel like the victories you expected to celebrate are elusive and the fruits of your labor aren't yet ripe for the picking. Honor those feelings but don't allow them to dip into self-loathing or "oh woe is me" vibes. Just as the natural world has its seasons, so too does the human experience. Not every moment is meant for triumphs or harvesting; some are meant for reflection, recalibration, and patience. Embrace this phase as a time to understand that progress isn't always linear, and that setbacks or delays don't diminish your worth or potential. Trust that the universe has its timing, and what's meant for you will find its way, even if it's not on the schedule you had in mind. Let patience be your biggest strength right now.

Virgo: Six of Cups + Two of Pentacles (rx)
Nostalgia is probably hitting hard right now, Virgo... but, if I'm being honest, it feels more like a karmic cycle/theme coming back around that has you in your feels but is also serving as an opportunity to choose differently this time around. The Six of Cups beckons you to a time of reflection on old ways, old patterns, old habits, poor choices. With the Two of Pentacles reversed coming into play, there's also an indication of imbalance and overwhelm, perhaps an overindulgence in the past or a struggle to juggle the demands of the present. It's possible that while the past offers solace and a sense of escape, it might also be creating a rift in your ability to manage current responsibilities and challenges because you're trying to make new decisions based on old programming. This month, you're being asked to think bigger and choose better for yourself. Zoom out, don't dial in. It's easy to get caught in the vortex of old emotions and wallow in what could have been, but that will get you nowhere today. The past serves as a lesson learned so extract the wisdom and apply it as you navigate forward. 

Capricorn: 10 of Swords (rx) + Six of Swords (rx)
Before jumping in, I want you to take a deep, grounding breath, Capricorn. There's a heaviness present here that indicates deep challenges faced and necessary transitions resisted... maybe having something to do with self-worth, or lack thereof? The Ten of Swords reversed suggests a painful situation or betrayal that, while not as devastating as it could have been, still leaves lingering scars and trauma. Thankfully it's in the reversed, so it also indicates a period of recovery and healing being ushered in. However, the Six of Swords reversed presents a reluctance to move on from this situation, or possibly an inability to do so. Let this be a reminder that you don't have to be so anchored to past troubles, re-living the trauma and re-enforcing the pain. Let this month be an opportunity to reframe and release the past so that you can find the strength to gently move forward. Healing is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the lessons from the past, but don't let them tether you. Release the anchors, for only then can you truly sail towards newfound horizons.


ūüƨԳŹ Air Signs

Gemini: King of Cups (rx) + The Hanged Man (rx)
The King of Cups reversed indicates a disturbance in emotional maturity or control, which usually results in reactivity and projecting onto others. There might be an individual, possibly yourself, who is struggling with expressing emotions in a constructive way, leading to unpredictable emotional outbursts or bottling up feelings. On the other hand, The Hanged Man reversed suggests an impatience or resistance to surrendering to the natural flow of events. Instead of gaining a new perspective or waiting for clarity, there's a rush to act or a refusal to accept things as they are -- think force vs. flow. Remember, emotional equilibrium and patience are intertwined. It's important to understand the power of poise, clarity, and peace when you're triggered or there's a sense of urgency. There's something bigger at play here so get your emotions in check, ground your energy, and trust the process as things get situated behind the scenes.

Libra: Three of Wands (rx) + Five of Cups (rx)
This combo of cards hints at delays in ventures/plans and a necessary shift in perspective. The Three of Wands reversed suggests that the anticipation and excitement for future endeavors have hit a snag. Your plans may not be unfolding as quickly or in the direction you had hoped, leading to a feeling of stagnation, missed opportunities, and possibly even regret. Meanwhile, the Five of Cups reversed brings a glimmer of hope amidst the disappointment. Praise be! This card signals a turning point where you begin to see the silver lining or recognize the blessings that remain after a period of stagnation or redirection -- but only if you're "open" enough to see it. Remember, redirection is the Universe's protection. This is happening for you, not to you. Often times, setbacks pave the way for unexpected joys, so look around and look within. This month is a reminder to see every ounce of resistance, opposition, and challenge as a mirror for something within you that needs to shift. Stop pointing the finger at everything and everyone else and start taking accountability for the change that needs to happen within and without. 

Aquarius: Seven of Swords + The Tower
The Universe has been ringing the alarm, have you been listening?! This month lies an opportunity for massive transformation and deep self-discovery. The Seven of Swords, while hinting at hidden agendas or strategies, also signifies the potential to outwit challenges and navigate complex situations with agility and resilience. This card encourages you to trust your intuition and use your discernment. The Tower, while often associated with sudden change, should be seen as a powerful catalyst for rebirth and renewal for your this month. It's a reminder that sometimes old structures need to come down to make way for something more authentic and meaningful -- and isn't it about damn time?! As intense as this period may seem, it's an invaluable chance to redefine your path and purpose. Embrace it, for it's through such moments that you discover your true resilience and capacity for growth. Rise stronger, wiser, and more aligned with your true self. Embrace the journey, for it's shaping you into the best version of yourself.


ūüĆä Water Signs

Cancer: The Sun + 10 of Cups
The Sun card brings forth clarity, vitality, and a sense of success this month. It's a card that celebrates the essence of life, illuminating the path with positivity and encouraging you to bask in the warmth of your achievements. Paired with the 10 of Cups, this energy is amplified and signifies emotional fulfillment, harmonious relationships, and the realization of dreams! Together, these cards are a beautiful reminder of the beauty of shared moments, the joy of family and community, and the boundless love the universe holds for you. This month, relish in the love and light that surrounds you -- and remember, like attracts like so honor yourself for the work you've done to get here. November is the month of giving thanks and showing gratitude, so be sure to include yourself on that list.

Scorpio: Ace of Cups (rx) + The Lovers
In life's intricate journey, emotions and connections often take the spotlight. The Ace of Cups reversed reversed suggests a need to take a moment for emotional reflection. Consider this a gentle reminder to check in with yourself before diving deep into your feels, Scorpio. Are you open to receiving love and new experiences, or are past hurts still keeping those barriers to entry up? This introspection is an opportunity for you to pave the way for deeper connections, one's that you truly desire and deserve. The Lovers card amplifies this, emphasizing the significance of choices in relationships and personal values. It's a call to align your actions with your heart's desires, not in fear but in truth. Together, these cards urge you to not only reflect but also to actively seek harmony in relationships and choices. Pause, reflect, and then act. By understanding your emotional landscape, you can make choices that foster genuine connections that heal and restore.

Pisces: Nine of Cups + Ace of Wands
The Nine of Cups shines brightly, indicating a time of contentment, satisfaction, and wishes coming to fruition. Praise be! It's like that moment when you sit back, look around, and think, "This is exactly where I want to be... and it feels really damn good." Yet, life isn't just about achieving contentment; it's also about the spark of new beginnings rooted in expansion and deeper awareness. The Ace of Wands introduces a burst of inspiration, a new passion, or a fresh start. It's the spark that ignites when an idea takes root or when you feel compelled to embark on a new venture. Together, these cards encourage you to cherish your achievements thus far while also being open to new opportunities that align with your greater truth. This month, embrace both contentment and the exciting potential of what lies ahead, balancing gratitude with the thrill of new pursuits. Godspeed, Pisces!


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