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July Star Gazings

July Star Gazings


🐏 ARIES (March 20 - April 19)

The Hermit (rx): Be careful not to let introspection to turn to isolation. Feel what you need to feel and then start the process of releasing and healing. If you've been feeling isolated and lonely, it's time to reach out and ask for the support you need, even if it's just a listening ear from a trusted friend. The only way out is through, so lean on your support system and know that you can and will see your way out to the other side. There is much to be learned from this time of solitude so don't discount it. Extract the lessons and integrate the wisdom. 

🦁 LEO (July 22 - Aug 22) 

8 of Cups (rx): Moving on might seem daunting, but you know it's for the better. You've done your part and invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but, now it's time to move on to a space that's more aligned and much more expansive. Deep down you know you've outgrown this situation/person, so do what you need to do to make peace with the it/them and start planning your exit -- and don't worry, this is supposed to be bittersweet. Find comfort in knowing that something better awaits you ahead! 

🏹 SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 20)

King of Cups: This is the month to let your charisma shine and let your intuition lead the way. Dive deep into your feels and connect with people on a soul level. Be daring and step outside of your comfort zone to attend social gathers and events that you're normally too shy to even consider, because July is a month of socializing, meet-and-greets, and making new connections! Your emotions will be your guide, so trust what you feel and let your heart lead the way.



🐂 TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Ace of Swords (rx): You may need to lay down the sword and step away from a situation that isn't meant to be. If you've been trying to force something to happen or continually hitting roadblocks on your path, then that's a good indication that you're meant to take a step back and reassess what the Universe is trying to tell you. You'll find that when you stop fighting a losing battle and surrender to what needs to be, things will begin to flow organically and effortlessly. Take your time to do things right this time around -- and remember, there's no rush! What's meant for you won't pass you up. All in divine timing.

🌾 VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

Knight of Cups (rx): This month, you may find that you can't rely on anyone but yourself to get things said and done. If someone is being wishy-washy and serving more as a bottleneck than a conduit in your life, then it's time to take matters into your own hands. Before you start pointing fingers, take accountability for your part and then devise a plan to get the ball moving. There's no use in bickering with someone who is unwilling to change, so do what you have to do to move things along in your projects and in your life, dear Virgo.

🐐 CAPRICORN (Dec 21 - Jan 19)

Knight of Wands: You've mulled it over long enough, Capricorn, and now it's go time! This month, don't be surprised if you feel like you're on a mission and nothing and no one can stop you. Take advantage of this passionate energy and make strides in your life this month. This is a very productive and dynamic time to nurture any creative projects that have been stagnant, as well as any writing projects that you've been meaning to give "legs" to. Ride the wave and push forward!



👯‍♀️ GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

9 of Pentacles: July is the month where you reap what you sow... in the best possible way! It can't be all work and no play, so get other there and do something nice for yourself, dear Gemini. You're always giving to others, but this month you're being asked to treat yourself to something that makes you feel like the Queen/King that you are! Indulge in the finer things in life and really take pride in knowing that you earned this all on your own. Throw guilt and shame out the door because this is your moment to relish in all that you've accomplished. You deserve it!

⚖️ LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

The Fool: July is the month for new beginnings and new opportunities. In some aspect of your life, you're being given a second chance to do something next level. Consider how your life is coming full circle again to provide you this opportunity to do better than you have in the past. This should feel exciting, familiar, and scary all at once -- new beginnings always do, right?! Focus on what you want for yourself this time around and integrate the wisdom of the lessons learned. Go forward confidently and trust that you know what's best for you now and in the future. Remember, this is a journey not a destination, so prepare accordingly and enjoy the adventure!

🏺AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 17)

Page of Cups (rx): Emotions may be heightened this month, causing you to doubt yourself and your ideas. Don't let these false notions seep in and try to convince you that they're your truth. This lull is temporary so know that this too shall pass and you'll be feeling like yourself in no time should you heed this advice. Use this time to reassess how you might be giving your power away to and exhausting your energy on things that simply aren't aligned with where your heart is calling you. Take it easy this month, dear Aquarius and really turn the focus onto you and your own healing. 



🦀 CANCER (June 21 - July 21)

10 of Wands: July is your wakeup call to lay down the burdens and release your need to please. You've been taking on too much and it shows -- not to mention, it's probably impacting your health and wellbeing by now. Figure out how you can take some of the responsibilities off of your plate and gain the support you need most right now. It's not that you can't handle this on your own, it's that you shouldn't have to. Let this be the end of this cycle of feeling obligated to say yes to everyone and taking on things that truly aren't yours to carry. 

 🦂 SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

5 of Cups: A certain situation or person has you down and out and wallowing in the past. Instead of feeding into the should have, could have, would haves, turn your focus onto the present and the blessings before you. An attitude of gratitude for the little things in your life will allow you the self-compassion and self-forgiveness you most need this month. Focus on solutions for moving on rather than on reasons things went awry. The only way out is through, so feel what you need to feel and find the blessing in the lesson.

🐟 PISCES (Feb 18 - Mar 19)

The Empress (rx): If the progress you've been making doesn't feel rewarding or worth it, then it's time to take a step back and focus on taking care of you. Consider how you've been neglecting yourself by pouring all of your energy into work, a project, or a relationship that is one-sided/depleting. Fill up your own cup this month and do some much-needed self-care to replenish your energy reserves. Daily meditation will help guide you toward the answers that you're seeking. Prioritize your needs this month, dear Pisces.  


And so it is… 🖤


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