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January 2023 Star Gazings

January 2023 Star Gazings


Happy New Year! šŸ„‚šŸŽ‰

New year, new... perspective! As we enter into this fresh calendar year, I want to remind you to be gentle with yourself and others as two major planets (Mars and Mercury) are retrograde till mid month. This isn't anything to fear, per se, but it's wise to practice awareness and mindfulness during this acute transit.Ā 

With that said, enjoy your starĀ gazings forĀ January 2023 below. Be sure to check yourĀ Sun, Moon, and Rising signsĀ for the most well-rounded messages for the new year. Cheers!



šŸĀ ARIESĀ (March 20 - April 19)

Six of Swords: Last month you had The Devil card which speaks to temptation, entrapment, and vices/addictions; so with the six of swords appearing this month,Ā there's an indication that you're making a mental shift from what was to what needs to be. This energy coupled withĀ this month's card (The Hanged Man reversed), you're really seeing things from a heightened and more enlightened perspective. There's a sense of clarity and determination with these two energies, almost as if something has been awakened within thus creating a hunger for more. Follow this feeling toward and forge the path ahead with confidence while still being mindful of Mars and Mercury retrograding until mid January. With that said, there's no rush to get things started just yet, simply a necessity to align with your new truth and vision in 2023.

šŸ¦ LEOĀ (July 22 - Aug 22)Ā 

The Hermit (rx): This card appearing in the reverse, following last month's card of the Four of Pentacles, suggests thatĀ you've done some soul-searching and are ready to re-emerge into this new year with a sense of gentlenessĀ for yourself when it comes to finances and your relationship with money. It's givingĀ surrender and acceptance... for what is, not what should be. This month, you're being asked to shine a light on the things you want for yourself in the new year and get serious about turning these dreams into reality. Reflect on the lessons of 2022 and how you've grown from them. How will you utilize your energy and wisdom in 2023 to manifest what you deserve? Now's the time to start considering such things.

šŸ¹ SAGITTARIUSĀ (Nov 22 - Dec 20)

Knight of Pentacles (rx): It's ok to stop, look, and listen before taking the leap, but also don't get too comfy in the planning phase of things or else the opportunity could pass you by. This doesn't mean rush into things for the sake of timingĀ because, remember, Mars and Mercury are retrograde until mid January. This isn't a time to be impulsive or careless -- quite the opposite, actually. You can still take action, just be mindful and intentionalĀ in doing so. Draw on the card-of-the-month's energy (The Hanged Man reversed) to see the big picture from a new perspective and direction. Lay out theĀ strategy and set the intention to take action toward what's going to light you up this year. The world is your oyster!



šŸ‚ TAURUSĀ (April 20 - May 20)

The Star: Loving this energy for the start of the year! The Star energy, coupled with this month's Hanged Man reversed energy, is giving TRUE NORTH vibes. Last month you had Three of Pentacles that indicated reaching a milestone and the need to gather the resourcesĀ necessaryĀ to get you through to the finish line, so this month is all about following that feeling and riding that wave to see your plans through. The Star is all about alignment, hope, and renewal -- there's also a very spiritual component to this card which suggest guidance from a higher source. Now's a great time to tap into your higher self through meditation, journaling, energy work, and/or tarot readings. Don't be afraid to dive in and go deep this month.

šŸŒ¾ VIRGOĀ (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

Queen of Swords: What's with all this fabulous Queen energy, Virgo? The last two months, you got the Queen of Wands... and now you have the Queen of Swords! You're shifting from being inspired and creative to now having crystal clarity on what it is that you want for yourself in 2023. You're cutting through the BS to get to the truth of the matter and no longer allowing others to override your logic. This is a great time to speak into existence what you want this year because you've definitely got the power to make the impossible possible. People want to hear what you have to say, so speak your truth with confidence. It's time to share your story and help others actualize their dreams as you have. Godspeed!Ā 

šŸ CAPRICORNĀ (Dec 21 - Jan 19)

TheĀ Hierophant (rx): After the conflicting energy of The Emperor reversed last month, The Hierophant reverse comes in to give you the permission you've been wanting to be able to handle matters as you see fit. There's a sense of self-empowerment that comes with The Hierophant reversed because he's no longer bestowing wisdom upon others, he's going within and being his own counsel. You know what's best for you because you've been there, done that. Stop doubting yourselfĀ and have the confidence to go against the grain because your new perspective might be the exact one that's needed right now.



šŸ‘Æā€ā™€ļø GEMINIĀ (May 21 - June 20)

Eight of Swords: Interesting, Gemini. Last month you had the Seven of Swords and the theme of imposter syndrome came up. You were asked to reconnect with yourself in December and figure out from where this energy was stemming so that you could make some shifts. This month, you've progressed to the Eight of Swords which points to mental anguish and feeling trapped by your own thoughts, so dare I say you didn't heed last month's advice?! That's ok, because the New Year is the perfect time for you to start anew and set the stage for what's to come. It's time for you to regain control of your emotions so that you can reframe your thoughts. Do what you need to do to get out of your head and into your heart this month, your wellbeing depends on it! Turn that (mental) frown upside down and start calling back your power today. You are in control here.Ā 

āš–ļø LIBRAĀ (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Eight of Cups (rx): You're moving on from something you've invested a lot of emotions into, whether you like it or not. You're not one to make decisions easily, dear Libra, but the Universe is asking you to make up your mind sooner than later. Last month you had the Seven of Pentacles reversed which pointed to a period of uncertainty and doubt -- thus reflection and reevaluation -- so, I wouldn't be surprised if the decision to leave something or someone behind has to do with that situation. Don't let this be a rash decision, though. The Eight of Cups has a sense of urgency to it, but it's not impulsive or hasty. This might hurt, but you need to make this decision for yourself and stick to it. Know that this departure is in your highest good and for the purpose of allowing you to expand into a space that you've earned for yourself. This is a good thing, dear Libra, despite the initial sorrow it may entail.Ā 

šŸŗAQUARIUSĀ (Jan 20 - Feb 17)

Knight of Cups: It looks like you're taking slow but steady action toward a creative endeavorĀ ("X") this month. You've done the introspective work that the Six of Swords reversed asked of you last month and now have the mental and energetic capacity to finally take onĀ "X" with confidence. This Knight is also an indication that someone may be entering into your life to fulfill you on an emotional or creative level. This could be a love interest, a professional partner, a mentor, a friend, or even a child who touches your heart and makes you feel whole again. Whatever the case may be, this month is all about getting in touch with your emotions and creating from a space of love and intention, however that looks like for you. Follow what feels good this month and be sure to fill up your cup. Cheers!



šŸ¦€ CANCERĀ (June 21 - July 21)

Page of Wands (rx): This is actually theĀ same card as last month but this time it's reversed. Remember last month I mentioned that you may be offered a new opportunity but it'll require you to"pay your dues" now to reap the rewards later? Well, the Page of Wands coming in reversed this month may be the "dues" coming to a head and making you question whether this opportunity is really worth it. It's too early to say, and it's probably not wise to make a rash decision while Mars and Mercury are retrograding, but it's probably a good idea to stick it out a bit longer to see if this is really a yay or a nay. Page energy is a more youthful and less mature energy, so be careful not to let old habits creep back up and cloud your judgement. Hang in there a bit longer, dear Cancer. This could be the challenge that you need to seeĀ the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ā šŸ¦‚ SCORPIOĀ (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

King of Cups (rx):Ā I'm getting a sense of overwhelm that's causing your emotions to get out of whack, Scorpio. Last month, you had the beautiful, auspicious energy of The Empress and you were asked to take some time to connect withinĀ and start dreaming up what you want 2023 to be for you.Ā The whirlwind of the holidays could have uprooted you a bit and been a shock to the nervous system, or maybe some drama ensued that ruffled your feathers. Whatever the case,Ā you're being asked to decompress and gain your composure so that you canĀ see things from a higher perspective. Integrate more meditation and breathwork into your routine this month, go on hikes or spend time in nature, or simply be more intentional of what you feed your mind, body, and soul. It's time to get back to center, Scorpio, whatever that looks like for you.Ā 

šŸŸ PISCESĀ (Feb 18 - Mar 19)

Two of Pentacles (rx): There's a need to gain a new sense of equilibrium in your life because the old ways simply won't withstand anymore. If it makes you feel any better, things are supposed to feel out of balance and a bit disheveled right now -- this is the Universe's way of rearranging your life, internally and externally. In other words, this is necessary so try and embrace it as much as possible. This is one of those "trust the process" moments where things feel completely out of control but they really aren't. Trust that there's a method to the madness and do your best to ground your energy during this month. Things are working out in your favor, it just may not feel that way right now.Ā Ā 



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